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My dear friends&customers. We are in last days of 2022. In 3 days my 20% discount will come to an end. My plans for 2023 is keeping the prices same. If I can buy enough material (MDF+Cardstock) I believe I don't have to make any price increasement. That's my first goal for 2023.

My second goal is doing something about shipping fees. I'm expecting an increasement on shipping fees probably in February. But I am going to change shipping calculation. Instead of flat rate. I want to apply rate by weight system. So this will be more fair way for everyone.

I am not a bussinesman but I think am good at creating toys for you and having good relations with my customers. So if I can not keep my promises please remember it

If you can make some orders before 2023 that will be very helpful to realise my plans for 2023.

Thank you all for being here .

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