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An Ocean World

I had a great time working on the "units" for an ocean planet setting. This planet is larger than Earth and lacks a landmass like ours. Its vast oceans are teeming with resources and wildlife, making it a true paradise world. Currently, the two factions are actively engaged in exploiting the planet's abundant resources.

In addition to these two factions, there exist the indigenous people of the planet who have uniquely adapted to the oceanic environment. These individuals possess the extraordinary ability to communicate through telepathy with certain creatures residing in the oceans.

In the image depicted below, the deep-sea mining vehicle finds itself in a dire situation as it becomes overrun by a multitude of ocean creatures under the control of the indigenous population.

The deep-sea mining tools employed fracture the ocean's surface layer, extracting valuable minerals from within. However, this process leaves behind a sediment layer whose impact on the ocean remains uncertain and not yet fully understood.

A submarine cautiously patrols the treacherous depths of this ocean, maintaining vigilance in the face of potential dangers.

Here, the ships belonging to the other faction are seen assembled together. Is this a sign of a covert attack being planned?

These are the members of a family of deep-sea monsters that are utilized by the indigenous population.

Deep-sea mining is a highly intricate endeavor. Once the minerals are extracted, collectors are responsible for gathering and securing them. Additionally, more robust and resilient vehicles are specifically assigned to venture into deeper regions for further mining operations.

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