Iliada Game Studio

Based in Turkey, Çanakkkale

Afterwinds wave-1 is a preorder product.

Wave-1 includes

-40xwasteland gangers 1

-40 wasteland gangers 2

-3x wasteland cars  3x hot rods

-12 lasercut(matboard) buildings to create a scenery

-12 post apocalyptic themed town signs

-1xwind powered water pump

Shipping will take start right after miniatures arrived from the manufacturing company. Roughly end of the March 2020.

Afterwinds is name of a 6mm post apocalyptic world
Main purpose is creating a world using Micro World
Game’s miniatures, iliada game studio’s buildings and
adopted rules of Nordic Weasel’s Squad Hammer Core system.

AFTERWINDS WAVE-1(pre-order)

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