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All Files created by MuM

This 24 piece model pack contains silos, ventilation elements, water tanks/towers, evaporators, cargo containers, garbage containers, diesel generators, computer & power/water terminals and a fire hydrant. RAR file contains all models individually.

All files prepared for 8mm in default.

Use the formula for other scales

  • for 6mm scale down to %80
  •  for 8mm keep in %100 
  •  for 10mm scale up %130
  •  for 12 mm scale up %150
  • for  15mm scale up %190 
  • for 20mm scale up %250 
  • for 28mm scale up %350
  • A resin printer is highly recommended on these miniatures.

    -Upon purchase the End-User agrees to print these files for personal use and not for any commercial printing endeavors.

    -Do not Share the contents of this product after purchase.

    -Do not resell the contents product after purchase.

Infrastructure & Objectives Pack4

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