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The Sto-Tal Air Raft Company

The company was formed on Caldoom by a group of technicians who decided to produce a traditional air raft for the Caldoom market. Given they were drawn from several alien races, including humanity, they, or at least their advertising copywriters, have stressed the fact that between them they have managed to produce what has been described as the ‘quintessential air raft.’

Others with more experience across the sector point out that the drive appears to owe much to the classic Hammond series. Similarly the styling is very thirteenth epoch and is remarkably reminiscent of some of the more popular Pord models. Still it is generally agreed that rafts build under the Sto-Tal badge are reliable and economically priced. Only problems with patent infringement claims and similar prevent them being sold more widely across the sector.

Everybody will be familiar with the famous advertisement showing an elegantly dressed couple dancing on their raft as a robotic servitor lays a table for dinner at the bow. Whilst some customers do purchase their air raft with fine dining in mind, rather more are quite taken by the regularly exploited fact that you can load it with up to sixteen stackers and still get it off the ground. Admittedly the wise do not try for high soaring flight when so loaded, but it is rated for up six tons, or eight with the engine tuned specifically for load carrying.


Miniatures for scale purpose. And they are production of CPmodels



  • 90gr.

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