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You get four robotic legs 1-90

Robot legs

Yet another fine product from Jothrom Industrial Manipulators. The demand for robotic legs for any number of applications was made obvious to Jothrom management by the sheer number of queries they got from desperate potential customers.

Eventually Jothrom realised that it would make more sense to produce complete robotic legs, rather than merely waste time going through their inventory looking for bits that could be used to cobble together the already well-worn legs produced by some other manufacturer.

Now, when a robotic leg breaks down, Jothrom can provide you with a suitable complete replacement. Obviously people moaned. Who wants to throw away a leg that is barely into its third century? The Jothrom engineer would merely put a new ram onto the old leg and watch with a knowing smirk as the elderly leg crumpled under the power of a new ram. At that point the engineer would suggest changing all the legs; as they’re cheaper per leg when bought in a full set.


  • 60gr.

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