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Echoes from Caldoom
The idea of 'Echoes from Caldoom' is that these stories are 'flavour text.'
They're not a 'scenario' or a 'campaign' but they're just something to give
everybody (including Ali and I,) a feel of what life is like on the ground
in Caldoom.
One thing that was apparent comparatively early on is that I work by leaping
from assumption to assumption and can craft the most amazing edifices out of
pure imagination and the side effects of eating cheese too late at night.
Ali has the problem that mdf and other materials are far less forgiving.
But we discovered that when I started to write a short Caldoom novella and
sent him the first couple of chapters, he commented that Caldoom had come
Ahead of us will be a scenario booklet/campaign/whatever called Caldoom by
Starlight. There will be scenarios on the blog
and all sorts of things. But it was felt that these 'Echoes from Caldoom'
could give people some idea about the Planet of Caldoom and the denizens
But these will be the tales of the little people. The NPCs in a campaign,
the ones who have to go scrambling for cover when your wild roaring boys
open fire.
Read them, and who knows, they might provoke dreams.
If so, let us know.

Echoes From Caldoom

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