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What's going on ?

Hello dear friends&customers,

I wish there would be a single word to combine these two :)

Since I decide to end lasercut facility I've received lots of orders to keep me busy in daytime. But what about night time ? After 5'o clock I'm heading to home. First take my wife from work then sat in front of home computer and work on 3D models.

Jim Webster is a great man. I am designing a vehicles and figures and he builds a world on them in a day! But what are the rules ? Hellfire! He use his steady rules set. And recently they played a game with Toby. It's not enough how much I thank to Toby. He printed my designs and based&painted them in two weeks. HEre some pictures from the game night. But don't forget to visit Jim's page

If you don't have Hellfire rules set it's here

You might want to get this one too Hellfire:Campaigns and here a nice video review for it.

And finally for the models I make, they are here

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