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Froga high dwelling

Froga society is complex. Xenoanthropologists argue over whether the various other races who live with them are subject people or in some way commensal. So whilst the Froga are artists, poets, warriors and rulers, the Deep Ones are their administrators and traders, the Kiergi are their engineers, mechanics and tinkerers, the various plant people look after their trees and the fish and frog folk herd their shoals.

The Froga like warm, wet worlds. When they visited Earth and discovered the mangrove, they fell in love. They have exported the mangrove to a myriad worlds, genetically engineered it and lived in, on, and off it. On Caldoom they and the mangrove are slowly colonising the coasts of the shallow equatorial seas and there is an assumption that at some point, some of the seas will be one sprawling mangrove swamp.

Whilst they do built on solid ground, this is not really what they want for a home. For them a home is a high dwelling built in a mangrove swamp. The timber frames on which their high dwellings stand are timber taken from mangroves genetically engineered to produce long, straight, timbers. Similarly the mangrove has also been bred to produce varieties ideal for planking. 

The Froga ideal is that they can fish out of the windows and pluck fruit as they walk along the walkway to the next dwelling. Some Households will have several of these dwellings, other, smaller, households, will live in only the one. They are not collectors or hoarders of things, they have little use for furniture, Froga sleep on mats which they roll up during the day. Adults will sit on storage chests (in which clothes and similar are kept), tables are used for working on, not eating off, and the young sit cross legged on the floor. Many other possessions not kept in chests are hung on the walls.


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