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Welcome to Caldoom. Marvel at the flying city of Stravan, (Admittance by invitation only) where savants ponder esoteric philosophies, write and perform plays in forgotten languages and plot the movements of mercenary armies in distant sectors. Then land at Liberty, the most cosmopolitan city in the sector where humanity is just another alien and the dwellers in the sprawling shanty town bear the badge of ‘Scum’ with every sign of pride. The city has extensive suburbs, manufactories, warehouse districts as well as the spaceport and docks. The city is woven together by the canals, its lifeblood carried in barges. And then up the Iron River where the conscript corporate armies of the two mining companies, Bretag and Grelfarl, watch each other from their entrenchments. Or take the monorail, travel in comfort, passing Free Farmers, serf plantations, alien enclaves, theocratic republics, steppes controlled by nomad herdsmen, the extensive marsh kingdoms of the Frogga who also control the shallow oceans from huge floating rafts, and much more.


28mm Miniatures&Terrain

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